"Sarah O'Brien's harp solo was the event of the evening. [...] The encounter with this exceptional artist is absolutely thrilling. [...] In François-Adrien Boieldieu's (1775-1834) Harp Concerto in C major, she demonstrated in an impressing way the various nuances of this instrument [...]. Above all: O'Brien elicited cantilenas from her instrument, a small wonder for a plucked instrument. [...] Hardly less impressive was the variety of colours, of refined gradations in tone and in particular the nuances in the expression of O'Brien's play. Her carefully chosen, very elegant modifications in the tempo are nothing less but satisfactory."
Die Rheinpfalz

"It was in large parts the merit of Sarah O'Brien that François-Adrien Boieldieu's Harp Concerto in C major saw such an exemplary interpretation. [...] It is easy to understand why she is one of the most sought-after harpists in the world: Her tremendous technical abilities are combined with unfailing musicality and for this reason also with a great flair for her musical surroundings [...]. In short: It is a pleasure to listen to and to watch this exceptional musician."
Mannheimer Morgen

"...she’s a superb player."
CD-review from Classics Today

Sarah O'Brien makes the harp sing!"
"As a soloist, she has special qualities, she can bring the harp as an equal solo instrument to all others. Her mode of attack was strikingly beautiful. O'Brien was heard with not only a variety of dynamic nuances, but let her harp sing like a human voice. The accompaniment of the Concertgebouw Orchestra under Bernard Haitink, gave the harp space to lift over them and thereby cause a tremendous clarity, which was her great merit. "
NH Dagblad

"... Debussy Danses under Bernard Haitink and the Concertgebouw Orchestra, played magnificently and sparkling through the principal harpist Sarah O'Brien."

".. Sarah O'Brien played perfectly in the spirit of music and a wonderful performance with a beautiful string accompaniment."
Telegraaf, NL

"...Played one transparent and intimate connection between soloist and orchestra..."
Trouw, NL

„The harpist Sarah O'Brien was left with a difficult task to break the ice for the new music as the first performer of the evening, which she managed with ease by her very moving and emotionally intense playing. Impulsive and precise at the same time she tackled the many musical highlights of the piece, in order to curb the temperature soon in favour of more intimate restraint. She unfolded a moment of high tension at the end of the piece, as she mixed the words of Hölderlin spoken with quiet emphasis on the harp."
Rheinische Post

„...Thanks to the stunning interpretation by Sarah O'Brien“

„Jewel tone... The harp was the secret center of the pieces .... music by A. Bax called the harp sensitively in the second and strongly in the third sentence. Also with Debussy harp was at the center. It was there, the principal harpist of the Munich Philharmonic Sarah O'Brien demonstrated her possibilities. More facets are revealed in O'Brien's recent CD, on which she proves that the harp is the orchestra's most beautiful sounding instrument. Of which the last piece of the concert convinced as well.. Much structurally strong sound sensualism by strong woman power.“
Sueddeutsche Zeitung

„...Sarah O'Brien brilliantly shows how manyfolded a harp may sound."

"...A summit on sound culture and sound poetry. Countless subtleties with two members of the Berlin Philharmonic, N. Shimizu and Munich Philharmonic, Sarah O'Brien. How enjoyable!“
Badische Zeitung

„The technically and artistically superior acting principal harpist Sarah O'Brien demonstrated her familiarity with contemporary music and brought the meditative, the static lattice unfolding sound, delicate trills rugs or the occasional gasp in Heinz Holliger's music to haunting effect ... Sarah O'Brien was in both pieces a congenial and highly applauded performer, also by Heinz Holliger himself.“
Davos newspaper and Festival

„...2 Divertissements by Caplets... Brilliant, with elegant fluency and downright gallant courtly suppleness she brought the works to advantage. A highlight of the previous festival events.“
Davos newspaper and Festival

„A smile of joy of Mozart! .. Sarah O'Brien harp, wonderful success with a delicious Duopartie played flute. The performance was a treat for the ears and a Mozart with a not too oppressive Schmuntzeln with happiness.“
Dagblaad NH, NL

.“ all facets of perfect harmony, vitality.“

„Mozart flute-harp concerto ... Sarah O'Brien provided an authoritative version of this concert. I was captivated by her playing.“
Volkskrant, NL

„...the very excellent harpist Sarah O'Brien...offered a finely crafted and coherent interpretation. In Fauré's Impromptu for harp solo, O'Brien could show what's in her instrument. With subtle playing she drew a rhapsodic sonority, fairy glissandi and internalized vocals. A thrilling appeal for this often underrated instrument.“

„In Ravel's Introduction and Allegro for harp accompanied by Fl, Cl, and String Quartet, the Philharmonic's Matinée began at a very high level ... also in the other works by Ravel and Debussy .. grandiose and elegant. Loud bravos and prolonged applause.“
Sueddeutsche Zeitung